Peter Giles has made numerous recordings as a singer and speaker. His work with the male-voice trio Canterbury Clerkes spans 25 years, and includes performances throughout the UK and mainland Europe, broadcasts on TV and radio, and six CDs.

Since 2000 he has directed and performed with the mixed-voice quintet Quodlibet, with whom he has so far made three CDs.

To date, he has recorded two CDs of poetry readings:  

‘Choose Me You English Words’ Poems by Yeats, Sassoon, Owen and Walter de la Mare, among others.  Somebody’s Music 2012 SBMCDAPG004                           
‘Sweet, Stay Awhile’ Love poems from the Golden Age of English. Somebody’s Music 2017 SBMCDAPG005                                                                                            

These CDs intersperse judiciously chosen selections of music, some of which include PG in performance. In the second CD the music is contemporaneous with the poetry.
Both are obtainable from www. 

Get in touch here for information on any of Peter Giles’ recordings. And for some  examples of Peter Giles speaking and singing, listen to these brief excerpts from recordings of pieces by Dowland, Morley, Purcell and the poet Wilfred Wilson Gibson:

Sorrow, Stay  John Dowland.  Performed by Peter Giles, Countertenor;  Hans Kohland, Lute;  Peggy Sampson, Viola da Gamba (CBC broadcast).

The Nightingale  Thomas Morley.  Performed  by the Canterbury Clerkes: Peter Giles, Countertenor;  Martin Renshaw, Tenor;  Antony Bussell, Baritone.

Fairest Isle,  Henry Purcell.  Performed by the Canterbury Clerkes

A Lament, Wilfred Wilson Gibson, and Agnus Dei, Thomas Morley.  Read by Peter Giles and sung by Quodlibet:  Jane Farrell, Soprano;  Peter Giles, Countertenor;  Richard Pond, Tenor;  Mark Gardner, Bass.


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