Work in the visual arts

Barges Near Ely, 1964

Painting, drawing and sculpture play a significant part in Peter Giles’s creative and professional life. He’s a firm believer in the positive influence different art forms can have on each other. Maybe it’s to do with form and flow, but I’ve always been conscious of the links between music, writing and the visual world,” he says.

In addition to paintings, drawings and sculpture Peter has designed books, record sleeves and – as an intriguing offshoot – board games of his own devising and manufacture, which have been sold throughout the UK and abroad in signed and numbered editions.

Old Choristers War memorial, Ely Cathedral, 1964.

Peter trained in London at Ealing School of Art and Hornsey College of Art. His subsequent teaching work has included art college, art school and secondary schools, while his work has been exhibited in London and provincial galleries and is housed in numerous private collections. A notable commission on permanent view is his war memorial in Ely Cathedral.

He is also an accomplished cartoonist – his Right Irreverent (1974: Subscribers’ Edition) brings words, music and visuals together in a satirical look at everyday choral life in Canterbury Cathedral.

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The Lawrence Box, 1991

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