A leading voice in musical history, direction, performance and vocal training

A writer with an international reputation. An authority on the countertenor, or male high voice. A musical director. A singer. A voice trainer.

Dr Peter Giles has spent his career in the world of music, and developed a rare mix of expertise and wide-ranging capabilities in the process.

He writes and comments on choral matters, acts as an expert consultant to choirs at all levels, directs and performs with his own vocal quintet, and teaches voice production to singers and speakers.

His special interest is early music, including that in the cathedral tradition. He features in broadcast and print media as a contributor on musical topics, and is a frequent  speaker at music-themed events.  In 1995 he co-founded the Campaign for the Traditional Cathedral Choir, dedicated to protecting and promoting a unique male-voice tradition dating back over a thousand years.

Based in Kent he works in that county, in London, throughout the UK, in Europe and beyond.

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